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Dr. Patricia Zanelli

Dr. Zanelli received her bachelor’s degree in human biology and her doctorate in chiropractic medicine from the National College of Chiropractic after attending State University of New York (SUNY) system and New York University.  For a complete list of post-graduate education, click here for Dr. Zanelli’s credentials.

As you can see from her extensive C.V., Dr. Zanelli has been certified/educated in many different facets of patient care. But her most prized training has been becoming proficient and certified in the Advanced Muscle Integration Technique, or AMIT. A little-known technique in the mainstream population, it is the treatment of choice for people who are suffering from acute injuries, chronic or long-term unremitting pain and especially elite athletes who are looking to achieve their greatest level of performance.

Dr. Zanelli’s ultimate goal is to help patients reach the highest level of health possible so they can do the things that they love most. “Life is stressful; having a strategy to address the causes of physical, chemical, emotional and environmental stress is necessary for optimal health.  AMIT, Advanced Muscle Integration Technique is that strategy and assists your body in achieving its maximal medical function.”

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Al Meo

8.19-MeoheadshotAl graduated from The Wellness and Massage Training Institute as a Licensed Massage Therapist in 1993, received his certification in Nutrition in 1998 from the American Health Sciences University in Colorado and became an ACE certified Corrective Personal Trainer in 2002.  NKT and FMT certifiations Level 1 & 2 followed in 2013 and he is proficient as a Restorative Breathing Coach . He is an Active Isolated Stretching and Strength Practitioner, personally taught by Aaron Mattes the creator of AIS, and is also a Certified Barefoot Training Specialist, taught by its originator, Dr. Emily Splichal.  Al is also a sought-after educator and teaches the AIS technique throughout the Midwest, has led seminars for the National University of Health Sciences Chiropractic College, and guest lectures at various colleges and private training events.

Als knowledge of anatomy, keen eye for movement, and attention to detail allows him to accurately assess his clients level of body awareness, strength, posture, and alignment. Once evaluated, he then integrates his extensive background of the principles of assisted stretching with healthy body biomechanics to create unique and corrective programs specifically tailored to that person.

But probably the most effective skill that Al has and the one he enjoys the most is to then teach the client this self-care movement program that, when practiced regularly, will maintain the work completed in the office, decrease pain levels while allowing healing to continue, and create a greater ease of movement for people of all fitness levels, even those suffering from osteoporosis, scoliosis, arthritis, back, neck, shoulder, foot or knee conditions. “I will teach you to maintain healthy, pain-free movement patterns and flexibility with one of the most innovative and effective techniques currently available.”

Nancy TheisenNancy Theisen – Patient Coordinator
Sharon Davis – Office Manager