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Core Wellness Chiropractic and Anti-Aging Centre is excited to bring Advanced Muscle Integration Technique, the AMIT Method, to Geneva IL. Using AMIT, patients can recover faster from injury, prevent future damage, and enhance their level of participation in life. Unlike conventional treatments, AMIT rapidly identifies and heals the root cause of injury and dysfunction, removes pain, reveals areas at risk and improves performance without the use of drugs or surgery.


Although AMIT is effective in treating Acute (new) and Chronic (old) injuries and pain for all patients, you can really see its effectiveness in the athletic world. For over 27 years, amateur, professional and Olympic athletes have depended upon AMIT to deliver amazing results. In fact, the NBA Utah Jazz players missed 50% fewer games due to injury than the league average by being treated with AMIT. Athletes including snowboarder Torah Bright, speed skater Travis Jayner, basketball player John Stockton, skiers Picabo Street and Steve Nyman, football player Bill Romanowski, and many others have received both healing and performance benefits by being treated with AMIT.

Dr. Zanelli, conveniently located in Geneva, Il

Has trained more than 300 hours with Dr. Craig Buhler, the leading authority on AMIT, to be able to provide this breakthrough treatment and have her patients achieve the lasting success AMIT brings. Core Wellness Chiropractic and Anti-Aging Centre in Geneva offers the AMIT Method to relieve pain, restore function and help patients achieve the highest level of performance obtainable. We treat people who are at every fitness level - from everyday active people to elite athletes, professional dancers and everyone in between.

We're so confident that you'll be happy with your results that we are offering a savings package for new AMIT patients.

Normal cost for AMIT is $55.00 per muscle treated.

13 Muscle Package: Buy 10 muscles , get 3 free…a $165 savings! ($550.00 for 13 muscles).

27 Muscle Package: Buy 20 muscles, get 7 free…a $385 savings! ($1,100.00 for 27 muscles).

In addition, we proudly accept Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance. Call us today to find out how quickly the AMIT Method can help you!


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