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Anti-Aging in Geneva

Anti-Aging Therapy

Move Well

Maintain your body in Geneva just like you do your car or your teeth. Getting adjusted regularly gives you greater flexibility, reduces stress on your joints and improves muscular strength. It also combats the effects that our daily lives have on our bodies. Repetitive stress like spending hours at the computer, or too long in the car can lead to headaches, backaches, arm, hand or leg pain that comes on seemingly without cause. Chiropractic adjustments combined with daily exercise will give you a head start on ensuring your ability to move easily both now and in the years to come.

Sleep Well

Getting less hours of sleep than you need reduces emotional intelligence and constructive thinking skills. Long term sleep debt can lead to high blood pressure, heart attack or failure, stroke, depression, mood disorders, mental impairment, increased mortality risk and obesity. This also includes poor rest (just how old IS that mattress) and interrupted sleep caused by a partner, noise in the environment, or sleep apnea.

Eat Well

Even a healthy diet needs help. In addition to a diet rich in healthy veggies and lean protein, moderate in fruit intake and low in sugars and carbohydrate consumption (including starches and highly processed food), everyone needs to add a daily multivitamin AND an additional Omga-3 fatty acid supplement, no exceptions!

Think Well

Stress and negative thinking are probably responsible for even more health issues than we now currently know. Did you know that regular Chiropractic adjustments reset the nervous system and breaks the hold that stress has on your neuro-muscular system? Meditation, exercise, sleep and even a visit to the psychologist for stress management tips also help.

Be Well

Although any one of these habits alone makes a positive impact on your health, the more of these you incorporate into your daily routine will increase your chances of enjoying a long, healthy, high-quality life.


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