Chiropractic Testimonials

"I first saw Dr. Z after I hurt my shoulders at work, and she got me even better than I was before I injured them! The shoulder that I had operated on a few years ago that never really felt like it was “right,” now feels great. I am very active and always seem to “tweak” different areas of my body and no matter what I bring her, she fixes it until it is pain-free and able to be used so I can continue to exercise, take care of my body, and have fun!"

- Joel B. 

"Thanks to Dr. Zanelli’s dedication and pursuit of treatment options that will offer the best long-term benefit for her patients, I was exposed to AMIT, Advanced Muscle Integration Technique. People who have heard of AMIT know that it is a game changer for athletes at all levels, being used from teen sports to professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, and Olympians etc. For me, AMIT has not only been a game changer by allowing me to continue to participate in martial arts and play golf while improving my performance in both, it has been truly life altering. I can now enjoy everyday tasks that many of us take for granted like standing or walking without foot, ankle, knee, hip, or back pain, improved posture and balance, improved strength and endurance, and most importantly being able to sleep through the night. Thank you Dr. Zanelli."

- Jim L.

"Since Dr. Zanelli learned the AMIT protocol, she has been able to fix my low back pain of 7 years— completely! It is like it never happened. No more getting out of bed, dreading the day. I don’t even think about how I am going to wriggle, bend, stretch my way out of bed so that I don’t hurt. I just get up, and get going! And best of all, I can go 6-8 weeks before I need to go in to maintain all the progress I have made. At my other chiropractor, I couldn’t go more than 3 weeks without hurting and needing to be seen. Thanks Dr. Z!"

- LeighAnn N.


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